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Company Profile

About Starlink Global & Ideal Ltd

Starlink Global & Ideal Limited was formed in 1999 but got incorporated on 5th November, 2002, and registered to provide wide spectrum of marketing and financial services towards procurement and export of Agricultural Produce/Commodities to both local and International markets.

Our agricultural produce includes the following:

  • Raw Cocoa Beans
  • Raw Cashew Nuts
  • Shea Nuts
  • Natural Sesame Seeds


The company, from its humble beginning, has grown tremendously achieving an annual turnover of between 2.0 – 3.0 Billion naira within first 5 years of operation. With our team of vast and dedicated human resources we have grown steadily and achieving an annual turnover of about Naira 5.0 Billion since incorporation

We are well represented in all cocoa producing zones of Nigeria and well poised to take the challenges of both the local and international market dynamics.

Our knowledge and experience of the Nigerian commodity markets is one that has been acquired over 40 years in the business and this is backed by a team of seasoned professionals drawn from reputable organizations and institutions in the country. Our services and operations are highly computerized to take care of our customers’ needs and effective access to the information super-highway.

At SGI., we did not compromise quality as  the quality of our product is highly competitive around the world.

Our Core values

  • Integrity
  • Customer intimacy
  • Social Responsibility


Our Focus

  • The continual global demand for agricultural commodities and products are ever-increasing. As the global population grows, so does the need for efficient sources and choice of supply increases. And to get these high-demand products to their global destinations, it takes a proficient company to achieve these to the satisfaction of its customers, from manufacturers to processors.
  • Starlink’s objectives are to play a pivotal role within its principal origin and base, in the movement and supply of the commodities and products in which it trades and has expert knowledge on, unto the global market.



  • Always to provide a system of assurance of service for an open and flexible system of trading, by creating and promoting innovative and diverse market of opportunities, through a combination of a strong in-house specialization of our markets, collaboration and just mutual co-operation with the best partners to achieve our objectives.



  • We understand our local markets and we will continue developing close working relationship with all our stakeholders within our markets. Inevitably maximizing our trading aims in achieving quality, integrity, fair price, knowledge, speed and efficiency.


Our Key objectives

  • Best qualities on all the commodities and products we offer and as expected by our customers.
  • Price competitiveness on all the commodities and products we offer.

Reliability on all the commodities and products we supply