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Starlink Haulage Services started out of our quest and dire need for a standard haulage operation. Starlink Global & Ideal Limited being a major agricultural produce exporting Company in Nigeria cannot downplay the indispensability of haulage. Our annual produce purchase is about 7 billion naira and the movement of the produce from the hinterland to the ports cannot be left in the hands of incompetent haulage providers. This exigency prompted the Management to begin to prepare ground for the operation of haulage services to be independently run by logistics and haulage experts.

Today, Starlink Haulage Services is a leading haulage provider to corporate organizations within the private and public sectors of the economy. We provide efficient and effective haulage services across the country and we have set a very high standard of service in the industry. We are known for timely delivery which do not only save time but also go a long way to reduce unnecessary overhead cost.

With a fleet of 15 trailers and 4 tankers, our network covers the length and breadth of the country.

Service Option

For the convenience of our teeming customers, we offer a wide range of service options covering transportation of light and bulky loads across the North and South, West and Eastern parts of Nigeria. Our trucks are new model and fit for tough weather condition.

We offer:

  • Load and go for long distances.
  • Delivery within 24 hours for short distances.
  • Prompt availability of our trucks at the customer’s premises for convenient loading.
  • Truck hiring.


To ensure efficient service delivery and safety of loads, Starlink Haulage Services employ experienced drivers who are safety conscious. We also expose our drivers to constant training and retraining on road usage and safety measures. They are permanently banned from taking intoxicants especially when at work.

We have a crop of qualified engineers and technicians who handle our truck repairs and servicing. They give constant reports on the state of the trucks and recommend accordingly. All the trucks are road safety compliant.

To ensure adequate compensation in case of undesirable occurrences (damage to goods and accident), our trailers are covered by Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance policy.

Our Clients

  • Starlink Global & Ideal Limited.
  • Larfage Cement Wapco Nig. Plc.
  • Vitapur Nigeria Limited.
  • Brisktrade Investment Limited.
  • Kajad Investment Limited.
  • Mike Model Investment Limited.
  • Lawalas Ventures Limited.
  • Olu Golden Nig. Limited.
  • Sunbeth Global Concept Limited.
  • Tolanlat Ventures Nig. Limited.
  • Vicago Nig. Limited.