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Agricultural Produce

Starlink’s strategy has been to focus exclusively on its’ core competence which is marketing of agricultural produce, mainly Cocoa beans & Cashew nuts targeting the top end of Local & International markets .


We are fully represented across Nigeria, this has necessitated us to classify these locations into zones. Our warehouses are located in all the zones across Nigeria with its main warehouse in Lagos.


Starlink Haulage Services started out of our quest and dire need for a standard haulage operation. Starlink Global & Ideal Limited being a major agricultural produce exporting Company in Nigeria cannot downplay the indispensability of haulage..

Welcome to Starlink Global & Ideal Limited

Our history dates back to 1948, however, our operation as it is today was incorporated in 2002, with formation and transition period between 1999-2002.
We emanated from R.A. Adeniji Enterprises, a prominent cocoa producer and supplier to many international buyers for more than 50 years.
We have continued this knowledge and skills successfully from the farms to many of our clients; many of whom are cocoa processors and chocolate producers globally.
Our strategy is to focus exclusively on our core competence which is marketing of agricultural produce; principally Cocoa Beans & Cashew Nut, and targeting the top end of local and international markets.
With this, we have successfully created a reliable, efficient and growing physical agricultural trading house, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in-house; including farmers, logistical experts, farm-gate buyers, international traders and internationally knowledgeable back-office team to handle our clients’ interests from point of order to successful deliveries.
Consequently, we have grown steadily and achieving an annual turnover of over 37.0 Billion Naira since incorporation.